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NOTICE The time can be set in the digital display of the dash panel insert or on the multi-functional touchscreen.

Dash panel insert: set time

  • Close all doors.
  • Keep button -1- pressed for longer than 3 seconds so that the time is shown in the digital display -2-.
  • Press the knob -1- until the desired hour has been set.
  • For setting the minutes, wait for 3 seconds.
  • Press the knob -1- until the desired minute has been set.


Multifunction touchscreen: set time and date

  • Switch on the ignition.
  • Switch on the multi-functional touchscreen -1-.
  • Press the "CAR" button.
  • Press "SETTINGS" on the touchscreen.
  • Press "Date and Time" on the touchscreen.
  • Perform the necessary date and time settings.

The changes carried out are then saved automatically when closing the menu.


Air conditioning: Set temperature to 22 ºC

  • Switch on the ignition.
  • Check all functions of the air conditioning system ⇒ Owners manual .
  • Make sure that 22ºC is shown in the display.
  • If necessary, adjust the temperature as follows:
  • Press key "AUTO" -2- for automatic operation.
  • Press the "SYNC" -3- button to set the same temperature on both sides.
  • Set temperature to 22ºC using the rotary control -1-


Assign the station buttons of the radio or radio navigation system with the local radio stations

  • Check the operation and program the most important local broadcasts into the memory.

Any fault or problem with the radio and navigation system.

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