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NOTICE When the vehicle battery is disconnected and re-connected, the automatic raising and lowering system of the electric windows remains out of service. Therefore, with immediate effect, before a new vehicle is delivered, the window regulators must be reactivated.

Once the positions of the electric windows have been set, do not disconnect the battery.


After batteries have been disconnected and reconnected the roll-back function of the electric window regulators is disabled.

Severe pinching injuries could result!

Carry out the following procedure to reactivate the automatic functions of the window regulators:

NOTICE These instructions refer to the front left electric window. In order to set the positions of the rest of the electric windows, the corresponding control of the driver's door is worked in the same way.

  • Close all doors and windows completely.
  • Switch on the ignition.
  • Completely open the window of the driver's door by pressing and holding the driver side electric window control.
  • Close the window of the driver's door again by pulling the control of the driver side electric window upwards, then release the control once the window is completely closed.
  • Pull the control once more for approx. one second. The window must lower automatically when the electric window control is pressed, and on pulling the control, it must also automatically raise.
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