Seat Leon >> Removing and installing supplementary air heater element - Z35-


  • Turn off the ignition and all electricity consumers.

Vehicles without access and start authorisation system

  • Remove ignition key, if fitted.

Vehicles with access and start authorisation system

  • Store ignition key outside the vehicle to prevent the ignition from being switched on unintentionally.

Continued for all vehicles

  • Disconnect battery.
  • Remove knee airbag on driver's side.
  • Remove the side trim of the centre console and the lower dash panel trim.
  • Unscrew the nut -3- and detach the earth wire -4-.

Risk of scalding.

  • The auxiliary air heater element - Z35- may be hot if it was in operation prior to removal.
  •  Do not grasp hold of the hot metal surface of the auxiliary air heater element -Z35- .
  • Unplug the connector -2- by sliding the locking element -5- upwards and pressing the catch inwards.
  • Remove bolts -arrows-.
  • Remove the heater element for supplementary air heater - Z35- -1- of the housing -6- to the left.


Install in reverse order of removal; note the following.

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