Seat Leon >> Windscreen wiper arms: check park position

  • Switch on the ignition.
  • Actuate brief wipe function and allow wiper motor to move to the parking position.
  • Switch off ignition and remove ignition key.
  • Position wiper blades on windscreen and align as follows:
    • a - 21 + 10 mm
    • b - 26 + 10 mm


NOTICE The dimensions correspond to the distance between the windscreen wiper blades and the air duct on the water box at bottom edge of windscreen.

In case there are no markings for aligning the windscreen wipers, use the dimension shown in the illustration to carry out the setting.

  • If necessary, adjust the windscreen wiper brushes

Eliminate the wiper scratching

Possible causes for a scratch in the windscreen wiper:

  • Scratched glass
  • Rubber brushes, loose or deteriorated.
  • Wiper arms / blades, loose or bent
  • Brushes, with wax or uneven

If none of the reasons for the complaint "of the windscreen wiper causing scratching noises" is specified above apply, before replacing the windscreen wiper blades, check the working angle of the wiped blade and set if necessary.

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