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Danger from refrigerant escaping under pressure! Freezing of skin and other body parts.

  • Evacuate the refrigerant and then open the refrigerant circuit immediately.
  • If more than 10 minutes have elapsed since evacuation and the coolant circuit has not been opened, evacuate the refrigerant again. Pressure builds up in the coolant circuit as a result of secondary evaporation.



  • Remove heater and air conditioner unit.
  • Remove fresh air blower - V2-.
  • Remove the air intake housing.
  • Remove the hollow bolts -1-.
  • Release retaining clips -4- and -5- -arrows-.
  • Detach the top part of the evaporator housing -3- from the bottom part -2-.

Air conditioning system

  • Pull the evaporator -2- out of the bottom part of the evaporator housing -1-.
  • Unscrew the expansion valve.
  • Detach the seal/insulation -3-. To do so, pull aside the movable part -5- -arrow-.
  • Detach the locking element -4- for the refrigerant lines.


Install in reverse order of removal; note the following.

Air conditioning system

Note Even minute leakage at the tongue-and-groove joint between the top and bottom part of the evaporator housing can lead to whistling noise as a result of escaping air. For this reason, lubricate the connection points lightly with silicone grease or similar to completely seal the connection points. For silicone grease.

  • Refill with refrigerant and refrigerant oil.
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