Seat Leon >> Petrol types

The correct petrol types are listed on a sticker inside the fuel tank flap.

Only unleaded petrol, corresponding to the standard DIN EN 228, may be used for vehicles with catalytic converters (EN = “European Norm”).

Petrol types are categorised according to their octane number, e. g. 91, 95, 98 RON (RON = “research octane number”). You may use petrol with a higher octane number than the one recommended for your engine. However, this has no advantage in terms of fuel consumption and engine power.

• Even one full tank of leaded fuel would permanently impair the efficiency of the catalytic converter.
• High engine speed and full throttle can damage the engine when using petrol with an octane rating lower than the correct grade for the engine.

For the sake of the environment
Just one full tank of leaded fuel would seriously impair the efficiency of the catalytic converter.


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