Seat Leon >> Adjusting windscreen wiper arms

Operation process

Note If the wiper motor needs to be run during repair work, the bonnet must be closed (voltage supply to wiper motor is cut off when bonnet is open).

  • Remove wiper arms.
  • Switch on ignition.
  • Actuate "touch wipe" function and allow wiper motor to move to end position.


  • Every second time the wiper motor is switched off it runs back slightly after reaching the end position, which turns the lip of the wiper blade in the opposite direction.
  • The wiper motor moves the wiper arms down beyond their end position and then back up slightly. This slightly raised position must not be used when aligning the wiper crank.
  • You must use the end setting at which the wiper motor moves directly to its park position (without returning). Operate the "touch-wipe" function again as necessary.


  • Switch off ignition and all electrical consumers.

Vehicles without access and start authorisation system

  • Remove ignition key, if fitted.

Vehicles with access and start authorisation system

  • Store the ignition key outside the vehicle to prevent the ignition from being switched on unintentionally.

Continued for all vehicles

  • Attach wiper arm to wiper shaft with wiper blade fitted and align wiper blade on windscreen as follows:
    • Before screwing off the windscreen wiper arms, the wiper blades must be positioned on the markings of the windscreen -a- and -b-.

Note Dimensions indicate distance between tips of wiper blades and plenum chamber cover at bottom edge of windscreen.

  • Tighten nuts -2- for wiper arms -1-.
  • Switch on ignition.
  • Actuate "touch wipe" function and allow wiper arms to move to end position.
  • Switch off ignition.
  • Check the setting of the wiper arms again and correct if necessary.
  • Press cover caps -arrows- onto wiper arms.

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