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For driving abroad, the following must be taken into consideration:

• For vehicles fitted with a catalytic converter ensure that unleaded petrol is available for the journey. See the chapter “Refuelling”. Automobile organisations will have information about service station networks selling unleaded fuel.
• In some countries it is possible that a vehicle model is sold under conditions where some spare parts are not available or that the Authorised Service Centres may only carry out limited repairs.

SEAT importers and distributors will gladly provide information about the technical preparation of your vehicle in addition to necessary maintenance and repair possibilities.

    Adhesive strips for headlights
    If you have to drive a right-hand drive vehicle in a left-hand drive country, or vice versa, the asymmetric dipped beam headlights will dazzle oncoming traffic. To prevent dazzling, you must ap ...

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    Locking and unlocking the vehicle
    The remote control key can be used to lock and unlock the vehicle from a distance. Fig. 63 Assignment of buttons on the remote control key Fig. 64 Range of the Using the button  fig. 63 ...