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If you have to drive a right-hand drive vehicle in a left-hand drive country, or vice versa, the asymmetric dipped beam headlights will dazzle oncoming traffic.

To prevent dazzling, you must apply stickers to certain parts of the headlight lenses. Further information is available from your Authorised Service Centre.

The rotary system should first be disconnected in vehicles fitted with selfadjusting headlights. Contact a specialist workshop.

    For driving abroad, the following must be taken into consideration: • For vehicles fitted with a catalytic converter ensure that unleaded petrol is available for the journey. See the chapter “ ...

    Covering simple headlights for driving on the left
    Fig. 130 Right headlight Fig. 131 Left headlight On the right-hand side headlight, if you are changing from driving on the right-hand side to the left-hand side  fig. 130. On the left-h ...

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