Seat Leon >> Gear selection mechanism: removing and fitting

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Torque wrenches - V.A.G 1331-

Controls, housing


  • Disconnect battery .
  • Remove gear knob and gaiter .
  • Remove centre console mounting .
  • Remove noise insulation of protective housing.

Remove gear selector cable and gate relay lever with cable endpiece for gate selector cable

  • Remove circlip -1- for gear selector cable -2- from gearbox selector lever -3-. Pull cable-end piece for gear selector cable from the pins.
  • Remove cable end-piece for relay lever -4- together with relay lever

Controls, housing

  • Remove cable support bracket from gearbox -arrows-.

Risk of damage to decoupling element at exhaust pipe.

  • Observe

  • Remove the heat shield underneath the shift unit .
  • Swing down selector housing and remove together with control cables.


Installation is carried out in reverse order, noting the following:

  • Align selector housing parallel to body.
  • Distance to body must then be the same on both sides.

Bolt gear stick housing

  • Route cables -1- from selector mechanism -2- to gearbox as follows:
    • Cables must lie parallel to each other and must not cross.
    • The cables must be routed in the slot provided in heat shield -3-.

Controls, housing

Clip -A- holds cables and heat shield together in position.

The holes on the cable securing elements have different diameters.

Controls, housing

Allocation of cable end-pieces

  • Wipe off a small amount of grease on pin of gearbox selector lever -3- and the gate relay lever -4- .
  • For grease allocation, refer to - Electronic parts catalogue (ETKA) .
  • Renew securing clip -1- for the cable end-piece -2- after removing.
  • Install relay lever -4- and cable end-piece together.
  • Insert gate selector cable in cable end-piece on gate relay lever.
  • Install centre console mounting .

Controls, housing

  • Renew clamp -arrow-.

Adjust selector mechanism.

  • Install gaiter with selector knob.
  • Install heat shield of the centre tunnel.
  • Install battery tray if installed.
  • Connect vehicle battery.

Specified torques

  • Selector housing to body
  • Selector cable support bracket to gearbox
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