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Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Ball joint puller - T10187-


  • Torque wrenches - V.A.G 1332-



  • Remove front wheel on affected side.
  • Loosen nut -1-.
  • Mark position of track rod ball joint on track rod.
  • Slacken nut -2- on track rod ball joint, but do not remove yet.

Loosen the bolt by a couple of turns and leave on the ball joint to protect the thread.


  • Push track rod off wheel bearing housing and remove nut.
  1. - Ball joint puller - T10187-
  • Unscrew track rod ball joint from track rod.


Carry out installation in the reverse sequence, noting the following:

  • Make sure that correct track rod ball joint is installed on each side.

I - Track rod ball joint on right marked with an "A"
II - Track rod ball joint on left marked with a "B"

  • Screw track rod ball joint onto track rod as far as previously applied mark and secure with lock nut.
  • Fit swivel joint in wheel bearing housing.
  • Bolt track rod ball joint with new nut.
  • Check wheel alignment


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