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Installing and removing the KX2 dashboard instrument cluster

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Lever for the front-end - 3370-

Gauges, instruments


  • All control lights in the dashboard instrument cluster are equipped with LEDs. LEDs cannot be renewed separately if defective.

    The instrument cluster must be renewed.

  • The dash panel insert must not be dismantled.
  • When removing dash panel insert, it is not necessary to remove steering wheel.


  • Switch off ignition and all electrical consumers.

Vehicles without access and start authorisation system

  • Remove ignition key, if fitted.

Vehicles with access and start authorisation system

  • Store the ignition key outside the vehicle to prevent the ignition from being switched on unintentionally.

Continued for all vehicles

  • Move steering wheel down and to rear as far as possible, making use of full range of steering column adjuster.


  • Remove the trim of the dash panel insert using the lever for the front end - 3370- at the points shown -arrow-.

Gauges, instruments

  • Unscrew bolts -arrows-.
  • Pull out dash panel insert -1- until it makes contact with steering wheel.
  • Disconnect connector.

Gauges, instruments

  • Unplug electrical connector by releasing catch -1- and moving retaining clip in direction of -arrow-.
  • Take out dash panel insert towards front passenger side between steering wheel and dash panel.


Installation takes place in reverse order.

Specified torques

  • Tightening torque of the dash panel insert screws: 2.5 Nm

Gauges, instruments


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