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Safety instructions

Safety precautions for work on vehicles with start/stop system

Note the following when working on vehicles with start/stop system:


Risk of injury due to automatic engine starting in vehicles with a start-stop system.

  • If the Start/Stop system of a vehicle is activated, the engine can start automatically, if required. A message will appear in the dash panel insert.
  • When working on the vehicle, make sure that the Start/ Stop system is deactivated (switch off the ignition; then switch the ignition on again, if necessary).

Safety precautions when using testers and measuring instruments during a road test

Observe following if test and measuring instruments are required during a test drive:


Accidents can be caused if the driver is distracted by test equipment or if test equipment is not secured.

Risk of injury if front passenger's airbag is triggered in an accident.

  • The use of testers and measuring instruments whilst driving causes a distraction.
  • The risk of injuries increases significantly when test and measuring equipment is not secured.
  • Always secure test and measuring equipment on the rear seat using a belt and allow a second person on the rear seat to use it.

Repair notes

Contact corrosion

If incorrect attachment units (bolts, nuts, washers, etc.) are used, contact corrosion could occur.

For this reason, only fasteners with a special surface coating are fitted.

In addition, all rubber and plastic parts and all adhesives are made of non-conductive materials.

If there is any doubt about the suitability of parts, a general rule is to use new parts - Electronic Parts Catalog.


  • Only use tested genuine parts suitable for aluminium.
  • Only use SEAT accessories.
  • Damage resulting from contact corrosion is not covered by warranty.

Routing and securing wiring

  • Mark lines prior to removal to prevent them from being interchanged and to ensure that they are fitted in their original positions. This applies for fuel, hydraulic and vacuum lines as well as lines for activated charcoal filter system and electrical wiring. Where necessary, make sketches or take photographs.
  • Because of the limited space in the engine compartment, it is important to ensure that there is adequate clearance to any moving or hot components to avoid damage to lines and wiring.


Types of batteries

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Battery - general notes

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