Seat Leon >> Exploded view - water deflector

Note The sequences below describe the processes for removal and installation for the right side of the vehicle. The corresponding sequences for the left side are similar with the exception that, where applicable, the scope of the process is written by yourself.

Exterior equipment

  1. - Blind rivet
    • 5 off
    • Material: Aluminium
  2. - Guide profile
  • Removing:
    • Using a drill and a drill bit with the same diameter as the rivet body, countersink the head.
    • Press out the rivet head using the driver.
  • Fitting

Fit in reverse order from removal, remembering the following:


  • Protect the surrounding painted components accordingly.
  • Apply zinc spray around the boreholes of the connection between the carrier parts.
  1. - Water drain strip


DANGER! Wear leather gloves in all cases.

  • Starting in the lower area, clip out the strip of the guide valve manually.


Fit in reverse order from removal, remembering the following:

Note The lip of the water drain strip must rest on the windscreen -arrow, detail left side -

  • Starting at the top to the bottom until the projection corresponds -arrow, detail right side -.
  1. - Windscreen
    Exploded view - side member trim
    - Bolt. 10 off 1.5 Nm - Clips 5 off - Support plate 5 off Secured to underbody with spreader clip. - Retaining strip - Double-sided adhesive tape - ...

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