Seat Leon >> Removing and installing rear lid

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Torque wrench - V.A.G 1331-

Bonnet, rear lid

  • Adjustment gauges - 3371-

Bonnet, rear lid


  • With the tailgate closed, remove the middle brake light in the tailgate .
  • Open the tailgate.
  • Remove upper tailgate trim.
  • Remove lower tailgate trim.
  • Clip out the bellows -5- on the side of the tailgate (one on each side).

Bonnet, rear lid

  • Clip out the coupling sleeve from the connector -1- from the tailgate -2-.
  • Clip out the connector from the mount -1- as an assembly -3-.
  • Undo connector -3- and remove the wiring harness along with the bellows that is fixed to the body.
  • Remove the fixing screws from the earth terminal -4-.
  • Disconnect the plug connector -7- from the aerial filter (one on each side).
  • Release the clips -5- from the tailgate and remove the wiring harness from the flap (one on each side).
  • Remove the gas struts -4- .
  • With the assistance of a second mechanic, screw out the bolts -3- of the hinges -2- and remove the rear lid -1-.

Bonnet, rear lid

Note To protect the components removed against damage, cover the resting surface with soft material.


Fit in reverse order from removal, remembering the following:

  • With the assistance of a second operator, fit the tailgate onto the hinges and tighten the nuts by hand.

Before closing the tailgate, check that the unlocking components are operating.

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