Seat Leon >> Control cable le: removal and installation


  • Lift the front bonnet. Use the rod to keep it open.
  • Release clip -1- and remove air hose.

Bonnet, rear lid

Note The configuration of the air supply ducts may vary depending on the engine version.

  • Undo the screws -2- from both sides.

  • Unclip the retaining clips of the air duct at lock carrier and detach.

  • Remove the bonnet catch.

  • Remove operating lever.

  • Partially remove lower A-pillar cover.

  • Partially remove the protective foam from the work area.

  • Unscrew bolts -2- and remove lever mount -1-.

  • Clip out the cable-3- of the lever bracket -1-.

  • Turn the cable -3- through 90º in direction of arrow -a-.

  • Unfasten the cable -3- and remove from sleeve by moving in -direction of arrow b-.

Separate the cable for opening the bonnet from the coupling sleeve. To do so, proceed as follows:

Bonnet, rear lid

  • If fitted, clip out the cover for the coupling sleeve -2-.
  • Clip out cable -1- and -3- in -the direction of arrow a- from the coupling sleeve -2-.
  • Turn cable -3- 90º in the direction of arrow -b-.
  • Clip cable -3- out of the socket of cable -1- by turning in the -direction of arrow c-.
  • Fix a cord or cable to the end of the Bowden cable on the side of the operating lever that has the following characteristics:
    • Diameter: the same or smaller than the Bowden cable average.
    • Length: minimum 1,000 mm.

Bonnet, rear lid

Note After removal, make sure that a cable with sufficient length is visible from the side of the engine compartment so that it can be tied again.

  • Pull on the cable until it has been pulled out completely.
  • Separate the cable and hold the cable in position.


Fit in reverse order from removal, remembering the following:

  • Use cable pulled in during removal to pull in the new control cable.

Removing and installing support rod


  • Hold the bonnet tight with suitable workshop equipment.
  • Unclip the support rod -1- on the retaining clip -3-, swivel it upwards -Arrow a- until it is arranged vertically -Arrow b- and remove it from the rubber grommet -2- in direction of -arrow-.


Fit in reverse order from removal, remembering the following:

  • Install the support rod -1- in the rubber grommet -2- . Swing the support rod to the lock carrier.

Bonnet, rear lid

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