Seat Leon >> Fuel consumption

The consumption and emission details shown on the vehicle data sticker differ from one vehicle to another.

The figures for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicle are also found on the vehicle data sticker.

The fuel consumption and emissions figures given are based on the weight category of the car, which is determined according to the engine/gearbox combination and the equipment fitted.

The consumption and emission figures are calculated in accordance with the EC test requirements 1999/100/EC. These test requirements specify a realistic test method based on normal everyday driving.

The following test conditions are applied:


• Actual consumption may vary from quoted test values, depending on personal driving style, road and traffic conditions, the weather and the condition of the vehicle.

    Kerb weight refers to the basic model with a fuel tank filled to 90% capacity and without optional extras. The figure quoted includes 75 kg to allow for the weight of the driver. For special vers ...

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