Seat Leon >> Removing and installing gear knob

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Hose clip pliers - V.A.G 1275 A-

Controls, housing

  • Wedges - T10383-

Controls, housing


  • Using removal wedge -T10383/1- , carefully pry gear lever boot off centre console insert -arrows-.

Controls, housing

  • Pull boot up and over gear knob.
  • Open clip -arrow- and pull off gear knob together with boot.


Carry out installation in the reverse sequence, noting the following:

  • Insert gear knob with the dust seal into the gear level all the way to the stop.
  • Attach gear knob with O-type clip -arrow- (previous Fig.) to gear lever. For doing this use the hose clip pliers - V.A.G 1275 A- .

Controls, housing

    Exploded view - selector mechanism
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