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Before changing any bulb first turn off the equipment concerned.

Do not touch the bulb glass. Fingerprints vaporise in the heat, causing a reduction in the bulb life and condensation on the mirror surface, thus reducing efficiency.

A bulb should only be replaced by one of the same type. The type is inscribed on the bulb, either on the glass part or on the base.

It is highly recommended to keep a box of spare bulbs in the vehicle. At the very least, the bulbs that most affect road safety should have spares in the vehicle.

Main headlights
Dipped beam - H7
Main beam - H1
Position - W5W
Turn signals - PY21W

Xenon headlights21) / self-adjusting*
Dipped and main - D1S22)
Flash and additional main - H1
Position W5W
Turn signals PY21W

Fog lights
Fog lights - H3

Fixed rear light
Stop/Position - P21W23)
Turn signals - P21W

Rear tailgate light unit
Fog lamp (driver's side) - P21W
Reverse gear (passenger side) - P21W
Position - W5W

Indicator - W5W

Registration plate light
Registration plate light - C5W

• Due to the difficulty in accessing the lamps, any replacement work should be done by a SEAT dealer. However, the following is a description of how to change the bulbs except for the fog lights and interior bulbs.

    Main headlight lamps
    Fig. 162 Main headlight lamps A Turn signals B Dipped headlights C Main beam headlights D Side lights ...

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