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Vehicle Tools

The vehicle onboard tools are located under the floor panel in the luggage compartment .

– Lift the cover of the luggage compartment, by pulling it up with a finger in the fitting.
– Take the onboard tools out of the vehicle.

The tool kit includes:

• Jack*
• Hook for removing wheel covers* or hub caps*
• Box spanner for wheel bolts*
• Reversible screwdriver with handle (including hexagonal interior) for the wheel bolts. The screwdriver is a combination tool.
• Towing eye
• Adapter for the anti-theft wheel bolts* Some of the items listed are only provided on certain models / model years, or are optional extras.


• Do not use the hexagonal socket in the screwdriver handle to tighten the wheel bolts. It is impossible to tighten the bolts with the torque required, risk of accident.
• The jack* supplied by the factory is only designed for changing wheels on this model. On no account attempt to use it for lifting heavier vehicles or other loads, risk of injury.
• Use the jack* only on firm, level ground.
• Never start the engine when the vehicle is on the jack, risk of accident.
• If work is to be carried out underneath the vehicle, this must be secured by suitable stands. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury.

Compact temporary spare wheel*
The compact temporary spare wheel (spare wheel for vehicles with no puncture repair kit) should only be used when really necessary. Fig. 153 Luggage compartment. Access to the spare wheel The ...