Seat Leon >> Wheel bolts

Wheel bolts must be tightened to the correct torque.

The design of wheel bolts is matched to the rims. If different wheel rims are fitted, the correct wheel bolts with the right length and correctly shaped bolt heads must be used. This ensures that wheels are fitted securely and that the brake system functions correctly.

In certain circumstances, you may not use wheel bolts from a different car - even if it is the same model.


If the wheel bolts are not tightened correctly, the wheel could become loose while driving. Risk of accident.

• The wheel bolts must be clean and turn easily. Never apply grease or oil to them.
• Use only wheel bolts which belong to the wheel.
• If the prescribed torque of the wheel bolts is too low, they could loosen whilst the vehicle is in motion. Risk of accident! If the tightening torque is too high, the wheel bolts and threads could be damaged.

The prescribed torque for wheel bolts for steel and alloy wheels is 120 Nm.

In some countries, the speed limit for using snow chains is 50 km/h. The legal requirements of the country should be followed.

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