Seat Leon >> Charging and changing the vehicle battery

The battery is maintenance-free and is checked during the inspection service. All work on the vehicle battery requires specialist knowledge.

If you often drive short distances or if the vehicle is not driven for long periods, the battery should be checked by a qualified workshop between the scheduled services.

If the battery has discharged and you have problems starting the vehicle, the battery might be damaged. If this happens, we recommend you have the vehicle battery checked by an Authorised Service Centre where it will be recharged or replaced.

Charging the battery
The vehicle battery should be charged by a qualified workshop only, as batteries using special technology have been installed and they must be charged in a controlled environment.

Replacing a vehicle battery
The battery has been developed to suit the conditions of its location and has special safety features.

Genuine SEAT batteries fulfil the maintenance, performance and safety specifications of your vehicle.


• We recommend you use only maintenance-free or cycle free leak-proof batteries that comply with the standards T 825 06 and VW 7 50 73. This standard applies as of 2001.
• Before starting any work on the batteries, you must read and observe the warnings
on handling the battery” in “Warnings on handling the battery”

For the sake of the environment
Batteries contain toxic substances such as sulphuric acid and lead. They must be disposed of appropriately and must not be disposed of with ordinary household waste.

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