Seat Leon >> Checking the electrolyte level

The electrolyte level should be checked regularly in highmileage vehicles, in hot countries and in older batteries.

– Open the bonnet and open the battery cover at the front “Safety instructions on working in the engine compartment”  in “Safety instructions on working in the engine compartment”  battery” on. in “Warnings on handling the battery” on.
– Check the colour display in the "magic eye" on the top of the battery.
– If there are air bubbles in the window, tap the window gently until they disperse.

The position of the battery is shown in the corresponding engine compartment diagram.

The round window (“magic eye”) on the top of the battery changes colour, depending on the charge level and electrolyte level of the battery.

If the colour in the window is colourless or bright yellow, the electrolyte level of the battery is too low. Have the battery checked by a qualified workshop.

The colours green and black are used by the workshops for diagnostic purposes.

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