Seat Leon >> Opening the bonnet

The bonnet is released from inside the vehicle.

Fig. 141 Detail of the foot

Fig. 141 Detail of the foot well: The release lever for the bonnet is located in the driver side foot well

Fig. 142 Arrester hook

Fig. 142 Arrester hook for bonnet.

Before opening the bonnet ensure that the windscreen wipers are in rest position.

– To release the bonnet, pull the lever under the dashboard  fig. 141 in the direction indicated (arrow). The bonnet will be released by a spring action – Lift the bonnet using the release lever (arrow) and open the.
– Lift the bonnet using the release lever (arrow) and open the bonnet.
– Release the bonnet stay and secure it in fixture designed for this in the bonnet.


Hot coolant can scald!

• Never open the bonnet if you see steam, smoke or coolant escaping from the engine compartment.
• Wait until no more steam, smoke or coolant is emitted from the bonnet, then carefully open the bonnet.
• When working in the engine compartment, always observe the safety warnings

    Safety instructions on working in the engine compartment
    Any work carried out in the engine compartment or on the engine must be carried out cautiously. Before starting any work on the engine or in the engine compartment: 1. Switch off the engine and rem ...

    Closing the bonnet
    – Raise the bonnet slightly. – Release the bonnet stay and replace it in its support. – At a height of about 30 cm let it fall so it is locked. If the bonnet does not close, do not press down ...

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