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Take special care when cleaning the engine compartment.

Anti-corrosion treatment
The engine compartment and the surface of the power unit are given anticorrosion treatment at the factory.

Good corrosion protection is particularly important in winter when the car is frequently driven on salted roads. To prevent the salt corroding the vehicle, the entire engine compartment should be thoroughly cleaned before and after the salting period.

Your Authorised Service Centre is able to provide the correct cleaning and preserving products and has the necessary equipment. For this reason, we recommend having this work performed by them.

The anti-corrosion protection is usually removed if the engine compartment is cleaned with grease removing solutions, or if you have the engine cleaned.

If this job is carried out, you should ensure that all surfaces, seams, joints and components in the engine compartment are given anti-corrosion treatment afterwards.


• When working in the engine compartment, always observe the safety warnings.
• Switch off the engine, apply the parking brake firmly and always remove the key from the ignition before you open the bonnet.
• Allow the engine to cool before you clean the engine compartment.
• Do not clean the underside of vehicle wheel arches without protecting your hands and arms. You may cut yourself on sharp-edged metal parts.

Failure to comply could result in injury.
• Moisture, ice and salt on the brakes may affect braking efficiency. Risk of accident. If possible, avoid sudden braking immediately after washing the vehicle.
• Never touch the radiator fan. It is temperature-controlled and could start automatically, even when the key is removed from the ignition!

For the sake of the environment
Fuel, grease and oil deposits could be removed when the engine is washed.

The polluted water must be cleaned in an oil separator. For this reason, engine washing should be carried out only by a qualified workshop or a suitable filling station.

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