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Fuel consumption depends largely on your personal driving style.

Fuel economy, environmental impact and wear on the engine, brakes and tyres depend largely on three factors:

• Personal driving style
• Conditions of use (weather, road surface)
• Technical requirements

By adopting an economical driving style and anticipating the traffic situation ahead, you can easily reduce fuel consumption by 10-15%. This section suggests methods of lessening the impact on the environment and reducing your operating costs at the same time.

Think ahead when driving

Think ahead when driving

Regular servicing

By taking your car to an Authorised Service Centre for regular servicing you can establish a basis for good fuel economy before you start driving. A wellserviced engine gives you the benefit of improved fuel efficiency as well as maximum reliability and an enhanced resale value.

A badly serviced engine can consume up to 10% more fuel than necessary.

Check the oil level every time you fill the tank 􀂟 page 203. Oil consumption depends to a great extent on the engine load and engine speed. Depending on your personal driving style, oil consumption can be up to 1 litre per 1,000 km.

    Avoid short journeys
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