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To conserve the useful life of the catalytic converter
– Always use unleaded petrol.
– Do not run the fuel tank dry.
– For engine oil changes, do not replenish with too much engine oil “Topping up engine oil – Never tow the vehicle to start it, use jump leads if necessary.”.
– Never tow the vehicle to start it, use jump leads if necessary.

If you notice misfiring, uneven running or loss of power when the vehicle is moving, reduce speed immediately and have the vehicle inspected at the nearest qualified workshop. In general, the exhaust warning lamp will light up when any of the described symptoms occur. If this happens, unburnt fuel can enter the exhaust system and escape into the environment.

The catalytic converter can also be damaged by overheating.


The catalytic converter reaches very high temperatures! Fire hazard! • Never park where the catalytic converter could come into contact with dry grass or inflammable materials under the vehicle.
• Do not apply additional underseal or anti-corrosion coatings to the exhaust pipes, catalytic converter or the heat shields on the exhaust system. These materials could catch fire when the vehicle is driven.

Never fully drain the fuel tank, in this case, the irregularity of the fuel supply may cause ignition problems. This allows unburnt fuel to enter the exhaust system, which could cause overheating and damage the catalytic converter

For the sake of the environment
Even when the emission control system is working perfectly, there may be a smell of sulphur from the exhaust under some conditions. This depends on the sulphur content of the fuel used. Quite often the problem can be remedied by changing to another brand of fuel.

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