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The traction control system prevents the drive wheels from spinning when the car is accelerating.

Description and operation of the traction control system during acceleration (TCS)
TCS reduces engine power to help prevent the drive wheels of front-wheel drive vehicles losing traction during acceleration. The system works in the entire speed range in conjunction with ABS. If a malfunction should occur in the ABS, the TCS will also be out of action.

TCS helps the vehicle to start moving, accelerate and climb a gradient in slippery conditions where this may otherwise be difficult or even impossible.

The TCS is switched on automatically when the engine is started. If necessary, it may be turned on or off pushing the button on the centre console.

When the TCS is off, the warning lamp is lit. The TCS should normally be left switched on at all times. Only in exceptional circumstances, when slipping of the wheels is required, should it be disconnected for example

• With compact temporary spare wheel.
• When using the snow chains.
• When driving in deep snow or on loose surfaces
• When the vehicle is bogged-down, to free it by “rocking.”

The TCS should be switched on again afterwards as soon as possible.


• It must be remembered that TCS cannot defy the laws of physics. This should be kept in mind, particularly on slippery and wet roads and when towing a trailer.
• Always adapt your driving style to suit the condition of the roads and the traffic situation. Do not let the extra safety afforded by TCS tempt you into taking any risks when driving, this can cause accidents.

• In order to ensure that TCS function correctly, all four wheels must be fitted with the same tyres. Any differences in the rolling radius of the tyres can cause the system to reduce engine power when this is not desired.
• Modifications to the vehicle (e.g. to the engine, the brake system, running gear or any components affecting the wheels and tyres) could affect the efficiency of the ABS and TCS.

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