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The handbrake should always be firmly applied when the vehicle is parked.

Always note the following points when parking the vehicle:

– Use the foot brake to stop the vehicle.
– Apply the handbrake.
– The first gear should also be selected.
– Switch off the engine and remove the key from the ignition lock.

Turn the steering wheel slightly to engage the steering lock.
– Always take you car keys with you when you leave the vehicle Additional notes on parking the vehicle on gradients:.

Additional notes on parking the vehicle on gradients:
Turn the steering wheel so that the vehicle would roll against the kerb if it did start to roll.

• If the vehicle is facing downhill, turn the front wheels so that they point towards the kerb.
• If the vehicle is facing uphill, turn the front wheels so that they point away from the kerb.
• Secure the vehicle as normal by applying the handbrake firmly and selecting first gear.


• Take measures to reduce the risk of injury when you leave your vehicle unattended.
• Never park where the hot exhaust system could ignite inflammable materials, such as dry grass, low bushes, spilt fuel etc.
• Never allow vehicle occupants to remain in the vehicle when it is locked. They would be unable to open the vehicle from the inside, and could become trapped in the vehicle in an emergency. In the event of an emergency, locked doors will delay assistance to occupants.
• Never leave children unsupervised in the vehicle. They could set the vehicle in motion, for example, by releasing the handbrake or the gear lever / selector lever.
• Depending on weather conditions, it may become extremely hot or cold inside the vehicle. This can be fatal.

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