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The automatic gearbox / direct shift gearbox (DSG) has three programmes.

Fig. 119 programme

Fig. 119 programme selection

Selecting the economic programme
– This programme selects a higher gear earlier rather than remain in a lower gear.
– Put the selector lever into position D to drive forwards
– Put the selector lever into position R to reverse. This position is shared by all programmes for reversing.

Selecting the sport programme
– Move the lever to position S.

If you select the sport programme, S, the programme is designed for a sports mode, that is, a programme which changes up at higher engine speeds to use the full power of the engine. This programme is not recommended for use on the motorway or in the city.

Selecting manual programme (tiptronic)
This programme allows the vehicle to be driven as if with a manual gearbox.

This programme may be accessed using the selector lever or from the steering wheel controls when this option it is fitted.

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