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The pollen filter
The pollution filter (a combined particulate filter and activated carbon filter) serves as a barrier against impurities in the outside air, including dust and pollen.

For the air conditioning system to work with maximum efficiency, the pollen filter must be replaced at the intervals specified in the Service Schedule.

If the filter loses efficiency prematurely due to use in areas with very high levels of air pollution, the pollen filter must be changed more frequently than stated in the Service Schedule.

• If you suspect that the air conditioner is damaged, switch off the air conditioner with button damage and have it checked by a to prevent further damage and have it checked by a qualified workshop.
• Repairs to the air conditioning system require specialist knowledge and special tools. Therefore, we recommend that you take the vehicle to a qualified workshop should problems occur.

• If the humidity and temperature outside the vehicle are high, condensation can drip off the evaporator in the cooling system and form a pool underneath the vehicle, this is completely normal and there is no need to suspect a leak.
• Keep the air intake slots in front of the windscreen free of snow, ice and leaves to ensure heating and cooling is not impaired, and to prevent the windows misting over.
• The air from the vents flows through the passenger compartment and is extracted by slots designed for this purpose. Do not cover these slots with articles of clothing or other objects.
• The air conditioning system operates most effectively with the windows and the sliding/tilting roof* closed. However, if the sun has heated up the vehicle, the air inside can be cooled more quickly by opening the windows for a short period.
• Do not smoke while air recirculation mode is on, as smoke drawn into the air conditioning system leaves a residue on the evaporator, producing a permanent unpleasant odour.
• The air conditioning should be turned on at least once a month, to lubricate the system gaskets and prevent leaks. If a decrease in the cooling capacity is detected, an Authorised Service Centre should be consulted to check the system.

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