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The controls allow separate adjustment of air conditioning settings for the left and right.

Fig. 110 On the dash panel: 2C Climatronic controls

Fig. 110 On the dash panel: 2C Climatronic controls

The air conditioning system only works when the engine is running and the blower is switched on.

– Press the temperature control buttons  fig. 110 9 or 14 in order to adjust the temperature on the left-hand side or the right-hand side respectively.
– The functions will be switched on when the buttons are pressed.

When these functions are activated, they are indicated in the display. Also, the de-icing and rear heated window functions will turn on along with their corresponding yellow symbol. Press the button again to switch off the function.

The temperature can be adjusted separately for the left and right sides of the vehicle interior.

1 Display of the selected interior temperature for the left side.
2 Button mode– Manual air recirculation mode
3 Button distribution– Central air distribution
4 Button distribution– Downward air distribution
5 Button distribution– Upward air distribution
6 Display of the selected interior temperature for the right side.
7 Button windscreen. The air drawn in from– defrost function for the windscreen. The air drawn in from outside the vehicle is directed at the windscreen. The air recirculation mode, if switched on, will be switched off as soon as the defrost function is switched on. At temperatures over 3°C, the air conditioning system will be switched on automatically and the blower speed will be increased by one level in order to dry the air. The button lights up yellow and the symbol appears in the display.
8 Button heating will be switched off automatically– Rear window heating. The heating will be switched off automatically approximately 20 minutes after switching on. However, it may be turned off by pushing the button. The button lights up yellow and the symbol appears in the display.
9 Temperature selector for the left side
10 Blower control
11 Button 2C-Climatronic on and off– Switches the 2C-Climatronic on and off
12 Button ventilation and air distribution– Automatic temperature, ventilation and air distribution control
13 Button ventilation and air-conditioning– Switches heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system off
14 Temperature selector for the right side


For road safety all windows must be clear of ice, snow, and condensation.

This is essential to ensure good visibility. Please familiarise yourself with the correct operation of the heating and ventilation system, including the anti-fog/defrost functions for the windows.

Please observe the general notes

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