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Fig. 107 On the dash panel: Climatic controls

Fig. 107 On the dash panel: Climatic controls

The climatic or semi-automatic air conditioning system only works when the engine is running and the turbine is switched on.

– Using the controls  fig. 107 1 and 5 and the control 6 you can set the temperature, air distribution and the airflow.
– To switch a function on or off, press the appropriate button 2, 3 or 4. When the function is activated, the display window in the lower corner of the button is lit.

1 Temperature selector
2 Button air-conditioning system on/off– Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system on/off
3 Button The heating will be switched off automatically – Rear window heating. The heating will be switched off automatically approximately 20 minutes after switching on. It can also be switched off beforehand by pushing the button.
4 Button 5 Air distribution control– Air recirculation mode
5 Air distribution control
6 Blower switch. There are four speed settings for the airflow. The airflow should always be set at the lowest speed when driving slowly.


For road safety all windows must be clear of ice, snow, and condensation.

This is essential to ensure good visibility. Please familiarise yourself with the correct operation of the heating and ventilation system, including the anti-fog/defrost functions for the windows.

Please observe the general notes


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