Seat Leon >> Other stowage areas

Other stowage areas can be found:

• in the centre console,
• in the side trims of the luggage compartment, The hooks for hanging are found on the pillar between the front and rear side windows.


• Do not store loose objects on the dashboard. These objects could be flung through the passenger compartment when the vehicle is moving (e.g.

while accelerating, braking or cornering) and distract the driver. Risk of accident.
• Ensure that no objects can fall from the centre console or other stowage areas into the driver foot well while the vehicle is moving. In the event of a sudden braking manoeuvre, you will not be able to use the brake, clutch or accelerator. Risk of accident.
• Clothing hung on the coat hooks must not restrict the driver's view.

Risk of accident. The coat hooks are intended only for use with light articles of clothing. Do not leave any hard, sharp or heavy objects in hanging articles of clothing. During sudden braking manoeuvres or accidents, especially those involving airbag deployment, these objects could injure the vehicle occupants.

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