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The automatic anti-dazzle function can be switched on and off as desired.

Fig. 85 Automatic antidazzle

Fig. 85 Automatic antidazzle interior mirror.

Switching off anti-dazzle function
– Press button A fig. 85. Warning lamp B goes out:

Switching on anti-dazzle function
– Press button A fig. 85. Warning lamp is lit.

Anti-dazzle function
The anti-dazzle function is activated every time the ignition is switched on.

The green indicator lamp lights up in the mirror housing.

When the anti-dazzle function is activated the interior mirror will darken automatically according to the amount of light it receives (for example from the headlights of a vehicle behind). The anti-dazzle function is cancelled if reverse gear is engaged.

• The automatic anti-dazzle function will only work properly if the sun blind* for the rear window is retracted and there are no other objects preventing light from reaching the interior mirror.
• If you have to stick any type of sticker on the windscreen, do not do so in front of the sensors. Doing so could prevent the anti-dazzle function from working well or even from working at all.

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