Seat Leon >> Roll-back function

The windows have a roll-back function. This reduces the risk of injuries when the windows are closing.

• If a window is obstructed when closing automatically, the window stops at this point and lowers immediately • If this happens, check immediately (within 10 seconds) why the window.
• If this happens, check immediately (within 10 seconds) why the window could not be closed before attempting to close it again. After 10 seconds the normal automatic function resumes.
• If the window is still obstructed, the window stops at this point.
• If there is no obvious reason why the window cannot be closed, try to close it again within five seconds.

If you wait longer than 5 - 10 seconds, the window will open fully when you operate one of the buttons. One-touch closing is reactivated

The one-touch function and roll-back function will not work if there is a malfunction in the electric windows. Contact an Authorised Service Centre.


• Incorrect use of the electric windows can result in injury.
• Always take the key with you when leaving the vehicle, even if you only intend to be gone for a short time. Please ensure that children are never left unsupervised in the vehicle.
• The electric windows will work until the key has been removed from the ignition and one of the front doors has been opened.
• Never close the tailgate without observing and ensuring it is clear, to do otherwise could cause serious injury to you and others. Make sure that no one is in the path of a window.
• Never allow people to remain in the vehicle when you close the vehicle from the outside. The windows cannot be opened even in an emergency.

The roll-back function is deactivated if the windows are closed from the outside of the vehicle using the ignition key for convenience closing.

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