Seat Leon >> One-touch opening and closing

One-touch opening and closing means you do not have to hold down the button.

One-touch closing
– Pull up the button for the window briefly to the second position.

The window closes fully.

One-touch opening
– Push down the button for the window briefly to the second position.

The window opens fully.

Reset the automatic closing function for the front side windows and the automatic opening for all windows
– Close all windows.
– Use the key to lock the vehicle from outside and hold the key in the lock position for at least one second. The one-touch function is now ready for operation.

The buttons   fig. 68 1 and 2 have two levels for opening the window and two for closing it. This makes it easier to open or close windows to the desired position.

One-touch closing does not work when the ignition has been switched off, even if the key is in the ignition.

The automatic open and close function will not work if the battery has been temporarily disconnected, or if the battery is flat. The function then has to be reactivated.

The one-touch function and roll-back function will not work if there is a malfunction in the electric windows. Contact an Authorised Service Centre.

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