Seat Leon >> Volumetric sensor*

Monitoring or control function incorporated in the anti-theft alarm* that detects unauthorized vehicle entry using ultrasound.

The system consists of 3 sensors, 2 emitters and a receptor.

– It is automatically turned on with the anti-theft alarm, when the vehicle is locked mechanically with the key and when the button Deactivation on the remote control is used.

– Press the button control twice. Only the volumetric on the remote control twice. Only the volumetric sensor is deactivated. The alarm system remains activated.

• The “safe” security system remains deactivated if the volumetric sensor is deactivated.
• For those vehicles in which a separate sunblind is fitted in the passenger compartment, the alarm will not function correctly due to interference with the sensor.

• If the alarm has been triggered by the volumetric sensor, this will be indicated by a flashing of the indicator on the driver's door. This flashing will be different to that for an activated alarm.

    Description of anti-theft alarm system*
    The anti-theft alarm triggers an alarm if unauthorised movements are detected around the vehicle. The anti-theft alarm makes it more difficult to break into the vehicle or steal it. Audible and v ...


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