Seat Leon >> Description of anti-theft alarm system*

The anti-theft alarm triggers an alarm if unauthorised movements are detected around the vehicle.

The anti-theft alarm makes it more difficult to break into the vehicle or steal it. Audible and visible alarms are triggered if the car is opened using the mechanical key, or if unauthorised access is gained to the vehicle.

The anti-theft alarm system is automatically switched on when the vehicle is locked. The system is then primed.

When does the system trigger an alarm?
The system triggers an alarm if the following unauthorised actions are carried out when the car is locked:

• Mechanical opening of the vehicle with the vehicle key
• Opening a door
• Opening the bonnet
• Opening the tailgate
• Switching on the ignition
• Movements in the vehicle
• Undue manipulation of the alarm
• Battery handling

The horn sounds and the indicators flash for approx. 30 seconds. This may be repeated up to 10 times depending on the country.

Opening the doors mechanically (emergency opening)
If the remote control function fails, you will have to use the key to unlock the car. This is done as follows: • Unfold the key by pressing the button shown by the (arrow).
• Use the lock on the driver door to unlock the vehicle. The anti-theft alarm system remains active, but an alarm is not triggered immediately.
• Switch on the ignition within 15 seconds. When the ignition is switched on, the electronic immobiliser recognises a valid vehicle key and deactivates the anti-theft alarm system. If you do not switch on the ignition within 15 seconds, the alarm is triggered.

How is the alarm switched off?
When the vehicle is unlocked via the unlocking button of the remote control or when the key is inserted in the ignition lock.

• If, after the alarm goes off, access is gained to a second secured zone (e.g. the tailgate is opened after a door has been opened), the warning signal is triggered again.
• Vehicle monitoring remains active even if the battery is disconnected or not working for any reason.
• The alarm is triggered immediately if one of the battery cables is disconnected while the alarm system is active.

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