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Key set

The set of keys includes a remote control, a key without a remote control and a key tab with the number of the key.

Fig. 62 Set of keys

Fig. 62 Set of keys

The key set belonging to your vehicle consists of the following items: • one remote control key  fig. 62 A with folding key bit,
• one key without remote control B,
• one key tab C with the key number.

Plastic key tab Spare keys cannot be issued without the key number on the key tab 􀂟 fig. 62 B. Therefore:

• Always keep the key tab in a safe place.
• Never leave the key tab in the vehicle.

If you sell the vehicle, please give the plastic key tab to the new owner.

Duplicate keys
If you need a replacement key, take your key tab to an Authorised Service Centre.


• Incorrect use of the keys can result in critical injuries.
• Never leave children or disabled persons in the vehicle; in case of emergency they may not be able to leave the vehicle or look after themselves.
• Unsupervised use of a key could mean that the engine is started or that electrical equipment is used (e.g. electric windows). Risk of accident. The doors can be locked using the remote control key. This could result in people being trapped in the vehicle in an emergency.
• Never leave any of the vehicle keys in the vehicle. Unauthorised use of your vehicle could result in injury, damage or theft. Always take the key with you when you leave the vehicle.
• Never remove the key from the ignition if the vehicle is in motion. Risk of accident. The steering lock could engage suddenly, and you would not be able to steer the vehicle.

There are electronic components in the key and remote control. Protect the keys from moisture and excessive vibration.

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