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If you use airbags correctly, they can considerably reduce the risk of injury in many kinds of accident.


• In order for the side airbags to provide their maximum protection, the prescribed sitting position must always be maintained with seat belts fastened while travelling.
• For safety reasons, the head air bag must be disconnected in those vehicles fitted with a passenger compartment separation screen. See an Authorised Service Centre to make this adjustment.
• There must be no other persons, animals or objects between the occupants of the outer seats and the deployment space of the curtain airbags so that the curtain airbag can deploy without restriction and provide the greatest possible protection. Therefore, sun blinds which have not been expressly approved for use in your vehicle may not be attached to the side windows  “Accessories, parts replacement and modifications”.
• The built-in coat hooks should be used only for lightweight clothing. Do not leave any heavy or sharp-edged objects in the pockets. When using the coat hooks, do not hang the clothes on coat hangers.
• The airbags provide protection for one accident only, if they have been deployed they must be replaced.
• Any work on the curtain airbag system or removal and installation of the airbag components for other repairs (such as removal of the roof lining) should only be performed by a qualified workshop. Otherwise, a fault may be introduced into the operation of the airbag system.
• Do not attempt to modify components of the airbag system in any way.
• The side and head airbags are managed through sensors located in the interior of the front doors. To ensure the correct functioning of the side and head airbags neither the doors nor the door panels should be modified in any way (e.g. fitting loudspeakers). If the front door is damaged in any way, this may affect the correct working of the system. All work carried out on the front door must be made in a qualified workshop

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