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If you use airbags correctly, they can considerably reduce the risk of injury in many kinds of accident.


• It is important for the driver and front passenger to maintain a distance of at least 25 cm from the steering wheel or dash panel. If the minimum distance is not observed then the airbags do not correctly protect the vehicle occupants; risk of fatal injuries! In addition, the front seats and head restraints must always be positioned correctly for the height of the occupant.
• If you are not wearing a seat belt or if you lean forward or to the side or assume an incorrect sitting position, the risk of injury is increased substantially. This increased risk of injury will be further increased if you are struck by an inflating airbag.
• Never let a child travel on the front seat without an appropriate restraint system. If the airbag is triggered in an accident, children can sustain serious or fatal injuries from the airbag as it inflates  “Child safety”.
• Occupants sitting in the front of the vehicle must never carry any objects or pets in the deployment space between them and the airbags, or allow children or other passengers to travel in this position.
• The airbags provide protection for one accident only, if they have been deployed they must be replaced.
• It is also important not to attach any objects such as cup holders or telephone mountings to the surfaces covering the airbag units.
• Do not attempt to modify components of the airbag system in any way.

    The function of the airbag covers if the airbags are triggered
    Fig. 20 Airbag covers reacting when the airbags are triggered The airbag covers fold out of the steering wheel or dash panel when the driver and front passenger airbags deploy  fig. 20. The ...

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