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The parts of the airbag system are installed in various places in your vehicle.

If you work on the airbag system or remove and install parts of the system when performing other repair work, parts of the airbag system may be damaged. The consequence may be that, in the event of an accident, the airbag inflates incorrectly or does not inflate at all.

The relevant safety requirements must be observed when the vehicle or components of the airbag are scrapped. The specialist workshops and the Vehicle disposal centres are familiar with these requirements.


• If repairs are not carried out by a professional, or if the airbags are used incorrectly, the risk of severe or fatal injuries is increased. The airbags may fail to inflate, or could inflate in the wrong circumstances.
• Do not cover or stick anything on the steering wheel hub or the soft plastic surface of the airbag unit on the passenger side of the dashboard, and do not obstruct or modify them in any way.
• It is important not to attach any objects such as cup holders or telephone mountings to the surfaces covering the airbag units.
• To clean the steering wheel or dash panel, you may use only a dry cloth or one moistened with water. Never clean the dash panel and surface of the airbag module with cleansers containing solvents. Solvents cause the surface to become porous. If the airbag inflates, disintegrating plastic parts can cause substantial injuries.
• Never attempt to repair, adjust, remove or install parts of the airbag system.
• Any work on the airbag system or removal and installation of the airbag components for other repairs (such as repairs to the steering wheel) should be performed only by a qualified workshop. Qualified workshops have the necessary tools, repair information and qualified personnel.
• We urgently recommend that you go to a qualified workshop for all work on the airbag system.
• Never attempt to alter the front bumper or the body.
• The airbags provide protection for one accident only, if they have been deployed they must be replaced.

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