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Why wear a seat belt and assume the correct sitting position?

For the inflating airbags to achieve the best protection, the seat belt must always be worn properly and the correct sitting position must be assumed.

For your own safety and the safety of the passengers, please ensure the following before you drive:

– Always wear the seat belt properly.
– Adjust the driver seat and the steering wheel correctly.
– Adjust the front passenger seat correctly.
– Adjust the head restraint seat correctly
– Use the correct child restraint system to protect children in your vehicle.

The airbag deploys in fractions of a second and with a high velocity. If you have assumed an incorrect seating position at that moment, you could sustain critical injuries. Therefore, it is essential that all occupants maintain a correct sitting position while travelling.

Braking heavily the moment before an accident may cause an occupant not wearing a seat belt to be thrown forward into the area of the deploying airbag.

In this case, the inflating airbag may inflict critical or fatal injuries upon the occupant. This applies particularly to children.

Always maintain the greatest possible distance between yourself and the front airbag. This way, the front airbags can completely deploy when triggered, providing their maximum protection.

The most important factors for triggering the airbag are the type of accident, the angle of impact and the vehicle speed.

Whether the airbags are triggered depends primarily on the vehicle deceleration rate resulting from the collision and detected by the control unit. If the vehicle deceleration occurring during the collision and measured by the control unit remains below the specified reference values, the front, side and/or curtain airbag will not be triggered. Take into account that the visible damage in a vehicle following an accident, for whatever reason, are not an indication as to why the airbags were triggered.


• Wearing the seat belt incorrectly or assuming an incorrect sitting position can lead to critical or fatal injuries.
• All occupants, including children, who are not properly belted can sustain critical or fatal injuries if the airbag is triggered. You should always transport all children up to 12 years of age on the rear seat. Never transport children in the vehicle if they are not restrained or the restraint system is not appropriate for their age, size or weight.
• If you are not wearing a seat belt or if you lean forward or to the side or assume an incorrect sitting position, the risk of injury is increased substantially. This increased risk of injury will be further increased if you are struck by an inflating airbag.
• To reduce the risk of injury from an inflating airbag, always wear the seat belt properly.
• Always properly adjust the front seats.

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