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Incorrectly worn seat belts can cause severe injuries.

Seat belts can provide optimal protection only if the belt web is properly worn. The seat belts must be fastened exactly in the order described in this chapter. An incorrect sitting position impairs substantially the protection a seat belt offers and can lead to severe or fatal injuries. The risk of severe or fatal injuries is especially increased when a deploying airbag strikes an occupant who has assumed an incorrect sitting position. As driver, you are responsible for all vehicle occupants, especially children. Therefore: – Never permit anyone to assume an incorrect sitting position in the vehicle while travelling WARNING.


• An incorrectly worn seat belt increases the risk of severe injuries.
• Before every trip, instruct your passengers to adjust their seat belts properly and to wear them during the trip.
• Read and always observe information and warnings concerning the use of seat belts.

    Adjusting the seat belt heigh
    Seat belt height adjusters can be used to adjust the position of the seat belt at the shoulder. Fig. 16 Location of the belt height adjuster The seat belt adjuster for the front seats can be use ...

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