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If seat belts are used correctly, they can reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

– Always wear the seat belt as described in this booklet.
– Ensure that the seat belts can be fastened at all times and are not damaged.


• If the seat belts are worn incorrectly or not at all, the risk of severe injuries increases. The optimal protection from seat belts can be achieved only if you use them properly.
• Fasten your seat belt before every trip - even when driving in town. That applies also to your front and rear passengers – danger of injury!
• The seat belt cannot offer its full protection if the belt web is not positioned correctly.
• Never allow two passengers (even children) to share the same seat belt.
• Keep both feet in the foot well in front of your seat as long as the vehicle is in motion.
• Never unbuckle a seat belt while the vehicle is in motion. Risk of fatal injury.
• The belt webbing must never be twisted while it is being worn.
• The belt webbing should never lie on hard or fragile objects (such as glasses or pens, etc.) because this can cause injuries.
• Do not allow the seat belt to be damaged or jammed, or to rub on any sharp edges.
• Never wear the seat belt under the arm or in any other incorrect position.
• Loose, bulky clothing (such as an overcoat over a jacket) impairs the proper fit and function of the belts, reducing their capacity to protect.
• The slot in the seat belt buckle must not be blocked with paper or other objects, as this can prevent the latch plate from engaging securely.
• Never use seat belt clips, retaining rings or similar instruments to alter the position of the belt webbing.
• Frayed or torn seat belts or damage to the connections, belt retractors or parts of the buckle could cause severe injuries in the event of an accident.

Therefore, you must check the condition of all seat belts at regular intervals.
• Seat belts that have been worn in an accident and stretched must be replaced by a qualified workshop. Renewal may be necessary even if there is no apparent damage. The belt anchorage should also be checked.
• Do not attempt to repair a damaged seat belt yourself. The seat belts must not be removed or modified in any way.
• The belts must be kept clean, otherwise the retractors may not work properly.

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