Seat Leon >> Introduction

Always fasten seat belts before driving!

Properly worn seat belts can save lives!

In this chapter you will learn why seat belts are so important, how they work and how to properly fasten, adjust and wear them.

– Read and observe all the information as well as the warnings in this chapter.


• If the seat belts are worn incorrectly or not at all, the risk of severe injuries increases.
• Properly worn seat belts can reduce severe injuries in the event of sudden braking manoeuvres or accidents. Therefore, you and your passengers should always wear the seat belts properly as long as the vehicle is in motion.
• Pregnant women or persons with physical disabilities must also use seat belts. Like all other occupants, these persons can also sustain severe injuries if they are not wearing their seat belts properly.

Number of seats
Your vehicle has five passenger places, two individual front seats and three places on the rear seat. Each seat is equipped with a three-point seat belt. WARNING • Never transport more people tha ...

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