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Arrival Date: Based on Subaru's typical six-year product cycle, we can anticipate the new Outback to arrive in 2025 for the 2026 model year, assuming no unexpected delays.

New Platform: It's unlikely that the new Outback will receive a new platform, as Subaru has been sticking with the Subaru Global Platform for its recent launches. The 2025 Forester saw only incremental mechanical updates, suggesting a similar approach for the Outback as Subaru focuses more on EV development.

Hybrid Powertrain: The absence of a hybrid option has been a weakness for the Outback compared to competitors. Subaru is expected to address this by offering a hybrid powertrain for the new Outback, following the announcement of a hybrid version for the 2025 Forester. This move aligns with Subaru's collaboration with Toyota on hybrid technology.

Hybrid Powertrain Subaru Outback 2026

Electric Option: While Subaru hasn't officially announced an electric Outback, it's within the realm of possibility. Subaru's strong pivot towards EVs, with plans to unveil three new EV crossovers by 2026 and sell 200,000 EVs globally in the same year, suggests that leveraging established models like the Outback for an electric version could be part of their strategy.

Styling: The upcoming 2025 Forester is expected to provide a preview of styling changes for the Outback. While the Outback will likely retain its distinctive look, it may incorporate trendy features like flatter panels and a wider light bar, following design trends seen in newer Subaru models. You can also compare Outback and Legacy by paying attention to Subaru Legacy BN/BS Owners Manual.

Wilderness Trim: Given the popularity of the Wilderness trim across Subaru's lineup, it's highly likely that the new Outback will offer a Wilderness variant. This off-road-focused treatment has been well-received, and Subaru's trend of expanding it to more models suggests that an Outback Wilderness is a strong possibility around the time of or shortly after the new Outback's launch.

Wilderness Trim Subaru lineup

New Subaru Outback is expected to arrive in 2025, following Subaru's usual six-year product cycle. It's unlikely to receive a new platform but may offer a hybrid powertrain to address fuel economy concerns. While an electric version hasn't been confirmed, Subaru's focus on EVs suggests it's possible. Styling changes, influenced by the upcoming 2025 Forester, may include trendy features like flatter panels and a wider light bar. A Wilderness trim, given its popularity, is also anticipated.


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