Seat Leon >> Removing a tyre from the rim

Tyres which have been filled or sealed using tyre sealant must be drained before removal.

  • Avoid eye and skin contact with tyre sealant.
  • It can cause injury, irritation to eyes and allergies.
  • During this work, wear protective gloves and safety goggles.
  • Place the wheel on a flat surface.
  • Unscrew and remove the valve insert of tyre valve.
  • Use a suitable drill or mill to carefully drill a hole in shoulder area of tyre.
  • Hold wheel over a suitable container and drain sealant.
  • Remove tyre from rim.
  • Clean wheel rim with, for example, a moist cloth.

Installing tyre

  • Ensure that the wheel rim is clean.
  • Insert new tyre valve with -VAS 6459- -1-.
  • Unscrew the valve core.
  • Pump up tyre to approx. 3 ... 4 bar. The bead of the tyre must slip noticeably over the hump of the rim.
  • Screw in the valve core.
  • Check tyre pressure to make sure prescribed pressure has been reached.
  • Balance the wheel.

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