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Exploded view - vacuum pump, vehicles with 1.8-l TSI and 2.0-l TSI engines

Note The vacuum pump is driven mechanically.

Brakes - hydraulics

  1. - High-pressure pump
    • Removing and installing
  2. - Bolt
    • Tightening torque
  3. - O-ring
  4. - Seal
    • Renew
  5. - Coolant pipe
  6. - Bolt
    • 9 Nm
  7. - Vacuum line
    • Replace if damaged
  8. - Vacuum line
    • Replace if damaged
  9. - Bolt
    • Specified torque: 9 Nm.
  10. - Manual vacuum pump

Removing and installing vacuum pump, vehicles with 1.8-l TSI and 2.0-l TSI engines


  • Remove the high-pressure pump.
  • Screw the bolt -1- of the coolant line out.
  • Disconnect the vacuum hoses -2 and 3- from the vacuum pump and lay to one side.

Brakes - hydraulics

  • Loosen and remove the screws of -arrows- vacuum pressure pump -2-.
  • Lift the coolant line -1- up and remove the vacuum pump out of its seat.


Carry out installation in the reverse sequence, noting the following:

Brakes - hydraulics

Note Renew seal.

  • Ensure that seal is seated correctly.
  • Turn the drive lug of vacuum pump -1- so it engages in the slot in the camshaft when the vacuum pump is installed -arrows-.
  • Install the high-pressure pump .

Removing and installing vacuum pump (vehicles with TDI engine)

Note The vacuum pump of the brake booster is installed in oil pump -1-.

  • Removing and installing oil pump with vacuum pump.

Brakes - hydraulics

Checking the retention valve

Test sequence

  • Carefully pull non-return valve with vacuum line -1- out of brake booster.
  • Blow small amount of air through non-return valve -1- in one direction first, then in other direction.
  • Air must pass through non-return valve -1- in -direction of arrow-.
  • The non-return valve -1- must remain closed in the opposite -direction of arrow-. If this is not the case, renew non-return valve or, if necessary, complete vacuum line.

Brakes - hydraulics

Note When installing the vacuum line with non-return valve, ensure the correct installation position relative to the brake booster.

Removing and installing non-return valve


  • The non-return valve is fitted directly in front of the vacuum pump.
  • The vacuum pump does not have to be removed.


  • Open the O-type clip on the vacuum hose with a suitable pair of pliers.
  • Detach vacuum hose from vacuum pump for brakes - V192- .

Take care not to damage the vacuum hose. A damaged vacuum hose is to be renewed.

  • Pull the non-return valve out of the vacuum hose.


  • Place the non-return valve into the vacuum hose.


  • Pay attention to correct installation position.
  • The arrow indicating the flow direction points towards the vacuum pump.
  • To simplify fitting, lightly moisten the non-return valve and the vacuum hose with water but not with oil.


  • Push a new O-type clip over the vacuum hose.
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